Temsah W/Jumb Base 36"
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This 36" Temsah Thaqib Hookah is designed with a heavy shamadan shaped Brass Stem, making it easy to clean and smoke. With the stems wide gauges and straight design, smoke has a clear, unobstructed passage, making for easy draws and thick, efficient cloud production.

  • Egyptian Lether Wraped Hose
  • Temsah Stamped tray and stem
  • tongs, brushes, grommets, Vortex bowl

Please Not: 

 Glass bases are mouth blown and sometimes have air bubbles as evidence of this fact.   Artisans hand paint each glass base, making every one as unique as the artist.  This results in a 100% unique finished product that may not look identical to the photo.  It also means that sometimes the paint may have a slight smudge, a line may not be perfectly straight, or you may see the artist's brush strokes.

       FREE STARTER KIT INCLUDES: 16pcs Coconut Coal, 10 Mouth Tips, and 2 AL Fakher 50g Tobbacos Select Flavors


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Temsah W/Jumb Base 36"

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