Eonsmoke Flavor Cartridge Pack Fumi E-Juice
Eonsmoke Flavor Cartridge PackFumi E-Juice

Eonsmoke Flavor Cartridge Pack

With a presentation of 15ml and a large variety of flavors, Fumi E-Juice is the best option for the conscious consumer looking for an alternative to traditional methods. All our e-liquids are ZERO nicotine. They do not sell e-liquids with any level of nicotine.




Ozone E-Liquid Starbuzz E-Cigarette
Ozone E-LiquidStarbuzz E-Cigarette

Ozone E-Liquid 10ml

0% Nicotine 

Variety Of Flavors

Try the BEST NEW E-Cigarette By Starbuzz. Each E-Cigs gives roughly 500 puffs. Each E-Cig contains 12mg of nicotine Enjoy your favorite hookah flavor on the go!