B2 Hookah Reaper Stem & Tray B2 Hookah V2 Stem
B2 Hookah Reaper Stem & TrayB2 Hookah V2 Stem

B2 Hookah Reaper Made In USA Each Hookah Comes With Unique Serial Number Space Grade Aluminum B2 Reaper production is completed and is now available! They come in 5 different color choices; Black, Gold, Blue, Red, & Purple! The B2...

The B2 Hookah ™ is created for the aficionado hookah smoker, with its easy assembly and dissembles, it is perfect for novice user as well. With our patent pending design, you can increase and decrease the size of the hookah with just a few...




B2 Hose B2 Poker – Hookah Foil Poker
B2 HoseB2 Poker – Hookah Foil Poker

B2 Hose v2 The B2 Hose Colors – Available in Gold, Black, and Gray – Please note in your order until we fix the website issues. The B2 Metal Hose, perfect size and weight for the perfect smoke. Simple and efficient, made with food...

The B2 Poker, excellent for poking your foil holes, moving charcoal around in HMD’s, or getting extra flavor out of the bowl. This is an elegant piece of art to set with your next B2 Hookah purchase.



B2 Wind Cover – B2 Aerocover B2 Tray
B2 Wind Cover – B2 AerocoverB2 Tray
We noticed that most of today’s wind covers do not have enough room to fit wider, large bowls. We took this into consideration and designed a wind cover with a 4″ width and length, this allows for larger bowls as well as any Heat...