Blazn Burner(out of stock) Cloud 9 Charcoal 120pcs
Blazn Burner(out of stock)Cloud 9 Charcoal 120pcs

Each set includes:

  • 1 blazn burner
  • 2 blazn infrared emitters
  • 1 reflector tray
  • 1 charcoal basket
  • 1 charcoal basket handle
  • 1 owner's manual
  • 1 year consumer warranty

Cloud 9 charcoal is a new, modern, yet traditional charcoal.  




Cocourth  48pc Flats 36pc cubes Cocourth Small Cube 100pc
Cocourth 48pc Flats 36pc cubesCocourth Small Cube 100pc

100% Coconut Organic Charcoal! CUBES AND FLATS




Hookah Starter Pro Shisha Smoking Starter
Hookah Starter ProShisha Smoking Starter

Hookah Starter Pro is the safest, fastest, most effective way to start your hookah. Try it once and you will never go back to the bad taste of starting your hookah manually or the delays of using outdated and ineffective equipment.

Shisha Smoking Starter 



Starbuzz All Natural Coconut Charcoal 40mm STARBUZZ ELECTRIC WARMER
Starbuzz All Natural Coconut Charcoal 40mmSTARBUZZ ELECTRIC WARMER

Starbuzz ALL natural coconut shell quicklight charcoal. 

Set your hookah charcoal ablaze without the use of gas or flame with the new Starbuzz® Electric Warmer. The 500-watt warmer and metal grill are housed within minimalistic, procective and ventilated aluminum walls. The result is a modern and...



TANGIERS - Silver Tabs Case
TANGIERS - Silver Tabs Case

 20 boxs of 96 pieces