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Acrylic Hookah Stand INFINITE NEO V2 Tray
Acrylic Hookah StandINFINITE NEO V2 Tray
STOP PARTY FOULS IN THEIR TRACKS • The Turtle Hookah Stand is made to tightly hold in place most standard (not the mini) Hookah shisha Nargila in place preventing them from falling over and burning your carpet or furniture, and letting you...

tray with incredible design, made especially to match every detail of your Hookah Measures: Diameter: 21.5 cm. Inner hole: 4,4 cm. Weight: 270g.



Mya Vento Base Predator hookah Foil
Mya Vento Base Predator hookah Foil

Heavy duty Hookah Foil



Sahara Smoke assassin Stem smart holder brasuka
Sahara Smoke assassin Stemsmart holder brasuka

assassin stem matte introducing the assassin stem by sahara smoke. assassin is made of heavy-duty aluminum, measuring approximately 13," and features a matte black powder coating, two-hose compatibility, and a traditional chamber. don't be...




Tangiers Club T-Shirt Triton X Handle
Tangiers Club T-ShirtTriton X Handle

The TRITON HOOKAH is designed to get the most performance out of your session without losing quality! We opted in a modern and bold design, bringing the best of both worlds in a single product, cost and profit.!




Grip Tongs Holds Bowls




Super Hookah Hose Disposable Cheech & Chong 250g
Super Hookah Hose DisposableCheech & Chong 250g

Super Hookah Hose Disposable

Plastic Disposable hose, Can be washed and used a few times

With over 25 years of experience, the pioneers of the U.S.A flavored hookah tobacco industry have created the ultimate hookah tobacco… Haze Tobacco. The hand crafted premium blends are flavored to an unparalleled perfection. Finally, the...




Godfather Glass Phunnel Bowl Hoob Classic Bag
Godfather Glass Phunnel BowlHoob Classic Bag

The Godfather glass phunnel is made with pyrex and works great with any kind of tobacco also works with Tangiers tobacco. The GF bowl holds abouth 25-30gm of tobacco. This bowls are all hand made so they may slightly vary from one another.

Hookah bag for comfort transportation and carrying of Classic Series hookahs.

  • Durable materials
  • Special hookah base fixing
  • For Classic hookahs 60-80cm height
  • Shockproof



Hoob Futurist Bowl Cloud 9 100g
Hoob Futurist BowlCloud 9 100g
Unique Form and Performance of Hoob Bowls brings to you deep flavors and thick clouds of smoke. Faience clay bowl with extraordinary form that gives you all new hookah experience No more foil needs if you use Hoob Pyro heat managment device on...

Cloud 9 Tobacco was created in 2012 to deliver you the world premium exotic flavors as well as the traditional ones. Because we are simply tired of having hookah tobacco that has too much juice or is too dry, we have the perfect amount of juice blend.



SHIKA HADOR Coco Ultimate Premium Hookah Coals "JUMBO" - 1.5 KG - 96ct
SHIKA HADORCoco Ultimate Premium Hookah Coals "JUMBO" - 1.5 KG - 96ct

The Hodor Hookah is a strong, heavy hitter with an intricate brass stem with beautiful engraved designs on it. Just, do us all a favor and don't use it to hold the door, it's too soon. 26 inches tall Comes as shown and includes pictured hose,...

These are made from 100% pure compressed coconut shell in Indonesia. After travelling the world, sampling many manufacturers, and aiming to make the world’s best coconut coal for hookah we came up with COCO-Ultimate. These will be at an...



Z Bowl Slim Z Bowl Wide
Z Bowl SlimZ Bowl Wide

The new Z bowl from Zahara comes in two different shapes. Wide and Slim.

The new Z bowl by Zaharah, they come in two styles, wide and slim.