Shisha Kings Delux

The company Shisha Kings focuses on the sector of hookah having several related suppliers at the same directing potential buyers and products.
Its main products are : 3 sizes and 2 models of Stem ; 3 models of plate. When it comes to quality production, the Shisha Kings shows respect.

Its production is totally Brazilian, produced close to one of the most planned cities of the country called Maringá, located in the state of Paraná . This is a point that the brand is proud to have, making the wood used in the Stem are always high quality.
Under our horizon continues to expand , so do our priorities: production quality , commitment to our customers and first material. 

Please Note:These Hookahs Are Hand Assembeled And Hand Painted/Stained. May Have Minor Imperfections.

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Shisha Kings Delux

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