Tangiers Burley 1000g

Tangiers is a unique American made hookah tobacco. This long cut shisha is made from fine natural U.S. grown tobacco leaves that are not treated or altered in any way, resulting in a very robust smoke quality. 

Note: Tangiers Hookah Tobacco requires some conditioning and special treatment before smoking so be sure to read the information sheet that accompanies it.

CB Line, is a new line and limited from Tangiers, it is ranked as Noir Burly and has more Nicotine then other Tangiers Lines.


As we know, Tangiers Shisha Tobacco is a brand unlike any other. Made in the USA it is a gulf style black molasses based hookah tobacco that has a complex yet easily learned preparation process. The smoke is thick and lasts for hours. So Tangiers Decided to come up with a new and exclusie Line called CB Line, it is ranked as NOIR BULRY and it has more Nicotine than all other Tangiers Lines
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Tangiers Burley 1000g

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