Flying Saucer Bowl


The Flying Saucer is made from the same material as an Alien, and is 100% made in the USA with American materials. They conduct heat well. You pack the bowl...

Othmani 250g


Enjoy the flavors of Othmani Shisha. Created by Medwakh, this shisha has a small but diverse collection of flavors unique to the brand themselves,

Al-Rayan Tobacco


THIS TOBACCO IS EXPIRED!!!!!! But...if you're into that sorta thing...or the savings have at it, we just figured before throwing it out... we'd offer... Hailing from Jordan, Al Rayan can...

Black Diamond Charcoal (open box)


72pc Black Diamond Cubes! Here in the flash section these 100% coconut coals are on a great deal  (come as is packaging, but for the price can you complain?) Throw...

Nakhla 250g (No Box)

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Before we begin lets note a few things here... 1. Note the name, no box - these Nakhla's are in their inner packaging pouches just no outside boxing at all....



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