WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Flying Saucer Bowl

The Flying Saucer is made from the same material as an Alien, and is 100% made in the USA with American materials. They conduct heat well. You pack the bowl as high as the outer rime and leave breathing room...

Regular price $12.99

Al-Rayan Tobacco

THIS TOBACCO IS EXPIRED!!!!!! But...if you're into that sorta thing...or the savings have at it, we just figured before throwing it out... we'd offer... Hailing from Jordan, Al Rayan can produce a nice smoking experience with quality flavors from molasses,...

Regular price $7.99

Black Diamond Charcoal (open box) 2 PER CUSTOMER ONLY
Black Diamond Charcoal (open box) 2 PER CUSTOMER ONLY

72pc Black Diamond Cubes! Here in the flash section these 100% coconut coals are on a great deal  (come as is packaging, but for the price can you complain?) Throw 2 of these bad boys in your cart at a...

Regular price $3.99

Golden Desert Mirage Hose
Golden Desert Mirage Hose

Limit to one per customer! Golden desert does it again with their awesome Mirage hose. With it's aluminum handle and color matching tubing, the mirage is the perfect hose for either everyday conventional use, or even, "Special occasions"this hose has you covered,...

$8.99 Regular price $19.99

Coco Nara 100g
Coco Nara 100g

Usually known for their charcoal, Coco Nara also creates tobacco as well and their blonde leaf blends surely don't disappoint for fans of powerful aromas and a lower Nic content than dark leaf tobaccos. Coming in 100g sizes Coco Nara...

$2.99 Regular price $4.99

Ice Hose Icicles

Ice Hose Icicles

Cool it down real good with these Ice Hose Icicles presented by yours truly, 5star! With their vibrant colors and easy slim fit these wonderful replacement icicles will keep your ice tips cold as our hearts and and keep your...

$1.99 Regular price $2.99

The King Shisha
The King Shisha

The King (not Elvis) needs to leave our warehouse, so why not have at it for $3.99? This tobacco free product was produced with real fruit n carries quite a potent aroma to it and oddly enough smells exactly as...

$3.99 Regular price $7.99

Amira Molasses Catcher
Amira Molasses Catcher

Wanna keep your molasses from falling into your stem/base? well Amira's got you covered with their pretty sweet Molasses catcher! Coming with a lil curved glass tube to come above the molasses (kinda like a submarines looking glass) making sure...

$17.99 Regular price $29.99

Thunder Clear Hose

The Clear Hose by Thunder, is a portable hose constructed of non-toxic plastic and heavy surgical-grade tubing. It's length allows ease of use to share with others around you. It's handle is perfect length to grip and it's wide draw allows more airflow...

Regular price $15.99

Reynolds Wrap- Pre Cut (25 count)
Reynolds Wrap- Pre Cut (25 count)

25 pre cut foil sheets reynolds wrap. Un-poked and perfect for beginners who need help portioning foil sizes for bowls or lounge use.

$1.99 Regular price $3.99

Othmani 100g

 Our Lebanese Othmani shisha line represents the best of the ‘modern’ moassel flavors, but manufactured only with quality tobacco leaf. Othmani shisha tobacco starts with the finest mild light tobacco, and then adds bright sweet flavor profiles meant to compliment...

Regular price $9.99


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