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Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Conceptic design smart steel mini Hookah

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The Russian hookah brand Conceptic Design puts at our disposal this impressive hookah made of metal. Light weight, very comfortable when cleaning thanks to its easy assembly. We will have great performance thanks to its materials. With this shisha we will enjoy a smoked and pleasant, with large and dense clouds of smoke.

It is traditional in style, so use a snap closure system, which joins the mast and base using a rubber joint. Thus we will have a completely hermetic closure, which gives us better performance.

It includes:

-Clear base

- Metal nozzle to match the hookah

When it comes to how to clean the shisha its size is an advantage since we can use special cleaning brushes for all its parts and the hookah assembly is simple.

A hookah with an impressive really compact design that offers us enormous performance to achieve large and dense clouds of smoke with this Shisha Conceptic Smart Steel Clear



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