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Custom Shisha

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Create your own shisha blend today!

This is a custom made product and will take a few days to create.  Will not ship out the same day the order is placed.

International Orders Will ship out when the Custom Shisha is complete, from our warehouse.

This product ships from a different location after being custom made. If your order includes other products from our store those will ship normally, and this shisha will ship when it is prepared.


Want more information?
What is our custom shisha program all about? We are now offering you, the customer, the opportunity to become a tobacco blend master! You get to choose virtually every aspect of the shisha you purchase from us, and we will then custom make it for you to your exact specifications.

You can choose every single parameter of your blend, from the type of raw tobacco used (you can even blend types) to up to 8 flavors (over 100 to choose from)! You can re-order based on your last order number and share your blend with your friends by sharing your unique order number, or you can create an entire new flavor every single time you order!

Below is an explanation of the step-by-step ordering process-

Select the size- either 250g or 1 kilo (upcharge for kilo size)

Select the type of Tobacco you want-

Blonde Virginia- The lightest smoothest tobacco we offer.

Gold Virginia- The next step, adding a bit more tobacco undernotes to your blend.

American Virginia- The darkest Virginia we offer, holds up well with the stronger flavor combo’s

Burley- Dark Leaf style. ‘Nuff said.

Tobacco type % box- Let us know what percentage of the four types of tobacco you’d like to use for your blend. MUST add up to 100%.

Shisha Cut Size- Normal cut (3/8” and larger) or Fine cut (1/4” and smaller)

Add In- Dokha for that extra buzz! None, Normal amount, or Heavy(!)

Casing- We offer 4 different types:

Natural Sweetener- Smooth (what 90% of the shisha manufacturers use)

Molasses- Gives a slightly richer and darker flavor

Black Strap- For the Black Leaf enthusiasts out there

Organic Honey- Sweet, light, clear, and delicious

Treatment: The big debate- washed or natural?

Natural- Your tobacco is treated in the casing of your choice, tends to be stronger in both taste and buzz.

Washed- Your tobacco is specially prepared in the casing of your choice. You’ll lose a tiny bit of the kick, but you’ll gain a whole new world of smoothness.

Consistency- Not much explanation required here, exactly what it sounds like.

Dry- No extra juice in the bag.

Wet- A bit of juice in the bag.

Very Wet- Get your gloves, it’s gonna’ be gloriously messy!

Flavor Intensity-

Light- A bit less of the amount of flavoring normally used by most manufacturers. Most often used with the lighter tobacco types so your flavor profile is not overwhelming.

Regular- Flavor levels that most manufacturers use. The most universal application across the tobacco types we offer.

Extra Strong- Well, don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Flavors- You get up to eight to choose from. The first four are free, then there’s an up-charge for each flavor after four. Over 100 Flavors to choose from, good luck with that!

Flavor mix % box- Let us know what total percentage of the flavors you’ve selected you’d like to use for your blend. MUST add up to 100%.

Blend Name- That’s right, the label comes with the name you’ve chosen for your blend already on it! Seriously, how cool is that?!

Pro Tips-

1) Order and experiment with the 250 size, then once you have that dialed in go ahead and buy the bigger kilo size if you like.

2) Most shisha manufacturers use either a Gold or American Virginia, or a blend of the two. Some of best flavors we’ve ever come up with here were based on the Blonde and the Burley, as they impart notes of tobacco flavor that you’ll not be as familiar with.

3) Adding dokha can take your blend to a whole new level, but if you’ve never experienced dokha infused shisha you might want to start out easy. It can pack a heck of a punch!

4) Type of casing; washed/natural; Consistency: these are completely unique elements that everyone will have an opinion on. There’s no right or wrong, only what works best for you!

5) Flavor intensity: Good rule of thumb- the darker the tobacco you choose, the more you’ll want to up the flavor intensity. Conversely, don’t overwhelm a light tobacco with a heavy shot of flavor, unless that’s what you’re into!

6) Flavors- Some of the flavors we offer are by nature much stronger than others. For instance, Cucumber and the Florals are very light flavors and take a higher percentage to make themselves known in a mix. (Except Rose, which gets strong fast.) The mints and most of the spice type flavors are very strong, and a little goes a long way. (Except Pistachio, which is one of the lighter in that spectrum.) If you have any questions, you can always email in to us at info@medwakh.com and we’ll give you our opinion, for what it’s worth.

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