WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Fantasia Formula Series 250g

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Product Type: Shisha

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Golden leaf tobacco, with sweeter taste and longer, more potent lasting flavor and you're probably wondering, what the hell  is F1? Yeah it's a sport but it's not a flavor, so lets help with that!

F1: Blueberry blend, so for all you blueberry lovers and smokers, just grab that in your cart and prepare for a great rush of blueberry heaven!

F2: Is the citrus side for those who love their fair share of Orange Punch! It's quite a great smoking experience if you wanna get your citrus on.

F3: You chew it, you can blow bubbles with it, it's none other than Strawberry Gum! Sweet strawberry aroma to fill the air and deliciousness to fill your pallet.

F4: Everyone needs mint in their life right? Well they've got the Cool Spearmint department covered.

F5: Pineapples, nothing wrong with a little pineapple twist in your life right? (Don't go there pineapple on pizza debaters)

F6: It's smooth on the inhale, sweet on the exhale, none-other than Melon Blend! (Pairs great w/mint)

F7: Desert fans where y'all at? We've got the Peppermint Cream to satisfy your needs of both mint and cream :)

F8: Do you like Piña Coladas? Gettin smoke in ya lungs? Then roll with F8 and enjoy one hell of a smoking experience (Split 70% w/30% F7 and say wow)

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