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RS Bowls

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Coming out of a land called you're familiar with cause of the Kremlin (or cause we just gave it away) the RS Bowl! If you're a lover of all things refined and dignified (you're that guy) then the RS is perfect for you. With each bowl being handmade (companies words not ours) from the cutting of the wood to the laying of the clay they've taken their time with each and every bowl's wood/clay construction, so don't expect them to be perfect, some may be uneven (check out the pictures, tables level in every photo) some may have slight cracks on the finish, but it's reasons like that which give some of the bowls a truly rustic look that makes you realize, it doesn't matter if you're that guy or not, the bowls a little uneven or not, the bowl is awesome in look, and in smoke-ability.

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