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Shika Farouk

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Shika pipes are airtight and the finishing is of the highest quality given the strict quality control standards followed by Shika makers. Shika Hookah provides an unprecedented accessories package to ensure the highest quality and value for end customers. Shika Models doesn’t only provide a magical smoking experience by capitalizing on best hookah manufacturing practices inherited by Shika’s master craftsmen; it also offers an array of artistic and unique models that blends Egyptian, Turkish and Syrian designs into a beautiful mosaic in an effort to achieve the highest standards. 

Please Note: Products are handmade in a traditional manner. Because these hookahs are handmade, there are usually slight variations from hookah to hookah. Most hookahs contain visible weld lines or unpolished metal at the welds. Also they may have minor dents on the down stem that will not affect the smoke 


Includes "Stem and Tray(tray ma very) stands at about 30"

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