WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Haze Pear Drops

Haze Pear Drops

  • Alex Leguizamon

Haze Tobacco started back in 2011. They've gone through various phases of quality. I first tried their tobacco back in 2013 and it wasn't until around 2014 that it was a quality product in my eyes. Then around 2016, I noticed some quality issues once they began manufacturing in Spain and haven't touched it since then. About a month ago I decided to give it another go since their tobacco is now made in Poland.

Pear Drops is the newest flavor to join the Haze lineup. It came out in early 2021.

Haze uses blonde leaf tobacco that is light brown in color. It has a slight stickiness to it. The leaves are pretty finely cut as well. There are very few stems in the mixture (for those that are concerned about that).

Haze advertises a low nicotine content of .05%. I'd say that's fair and in the realm of what it actually is. For me, there is little to no buzz when smoking Haze. For those that are newer to smoking hookah tobacco, you might feel a light buzz.

For Haze, I opt for a normal pack to the rim and it's packed in an Alpaca Predator bowl. I used 2 CocoUrth Big Cubes in a AOT Provost and this pack came in at around 11-12 grams. In this bowl, I am able to get about an hour and a half to two hours with full flavor and cloud output. In a larger bowl, I am confident that it can push 3+ hours with ease. Haze has quickly risen to a product I'm comfortable purchasing once again and I'm happy that I'm able to enjoy their flavors like I used to back in the day.

Pear Drops aims to emulate the popular candy in the UK. It's honestly a candy I've never heard of or tried. Pear Drops candy is supposed to be a mixture of pear and banana. When I smoke this flavor I'd say a majority of what I taste comes from the pear. I don't think there is a noticeable banana aspect to it and it's light if that. The pear is candied, very sweet, and in your face. The banana is an afterthought really. The taste of this tobacco really reminds me of if peach rings were pear flavored.

I'd say if you're a fan of very sweet flavors this might be something that you might want to consider picking up. If you’re interested in purchasing this product you can pick it up from 5starhookah.com using my discount code sloth15 for 15% off your order (doesn’t include items on sale).


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