WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Tangiers Shisha

With fine cuts, unique flavors including the coveted Cane Mint...Tangiers has it all. With their dark leaf tobacco Tangiers has gotten their science down to damn near perfect so every flavor provides an amazing smoke experience. Located in San Diego Ca, Tangiers will always be a big hitter in the tobacco industry, Featuring three different Tobacco lines to choose from Tangiers has the Birquq (their mild line, also known as green). Tangiers Birquq blend offers a milder buzz than the noir line for new smokers to dark leaf tobaccos and with a slightly higher nicotine content than other brands carry. Tangiers Birquq Tobacco offers a great collection of flavors for new and experienced smokers to enjoy. Some of the flavors limited to just the Birquq line would be the always amazing Foreplay on The Peach, as well as Aussie Juice! So be sure to look into Tangiers Birquq line so that way you can experience some of the best blends to offer. Tangiers Noir Tobacco blend features some of the best tobacco available, with their coveted Cane mint, Schnozzberry, and many more to choose from, the Noir line (Yellow, the more middle ground) is the most popular of the 3 with the flavors not being too mild, and the nicotine being perfect. Tangiers Burley Tobacco blend features the heaviest of all nicotine levels so prepare to have great flavors but with a hard nicotine punch, with coveted flavors such as Burley Cane mint and Burley Tropical Revenge (Special Edition) these flavors are sure to get anyone talking and a great head buzz, so be sure to check out Tangiers Burley Tobacco if you're into heavy Nic, or you just wanna quit smoking cigs and just hookah.

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Tangiers Noir Tobacco 250g (C)
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Tangiers Birquq Tobacco 250g (M)
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Tangiers Burley Tobacco 250g (B)
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Tangiers F-Line 250g
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Tangiers Tobacco Container
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Tangier’s Burley 100g
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Tangiers F-Line 100g
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Tangier's Hookah Base Mat
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Tangier's Hookah Base Mat
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