WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Trifecta Shisha

This American made shisha has deep flavor profiles and smokes fantastically. For first time smokers with Trifecta shisha you'll notice they've got both blonde and dark leaf shisha to be enjoyed by all. Their blonde leaf has a thicker cut to it so prepare to fluff pack it lightly. Trifecta tobacco is made with honey, molasses, glycerin, and natural flavoring giving you a very natural smoking experience. With a multitude of flavors to choose from with their blonde leaf including Twice The Ice which delivers a nice minty hit but for a stronger mint you could get Twice The Ice X, both of which are just two of the mint options that can be used to make endless combinations. Transitioning from Trifecta blonde leaf to their Dark leaf can be quite the experience change as Trifecta Dark leaf has much more robust flavor profiles as well as their own unique flavors such as, Death by Ice which is Trifecta's idea of mint for their dark line has it's own taste from the mints in their blonde collection. A few flavors exclusive to the dark leaf line are, Raspberry, Lime, Ventura Peach, and Earl Gray are a couple flavors exclusive to their dark line. With Trifecta developing new flavors for both their lines you know you'll be hearing about them for years to come. 

Be sure to give Trifecta tobacco a try especially with their new flavor, Indian Kheer in their dark line!

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Trifecta Dark Blend Tobacco 250g
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Trifecta Tobacco 1000g Dark
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Trifecta Tobacco 1000g Blonde
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