WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Horchata by Element Air

Horchata by Element Air

  • Taso Liadis


Element air is a newly introduced line of tobacco by the Russian brand Element. 
It started getting sold in the US about mid May of 2021 and has been climbing its way up since then. 
One of the most highly anticipated flavors is  Horchata.
Horchata is a very unique flavor. 
It combines rice, milk, vanilla and cinnamon to create the amazing Mexican beverage. 
 So let's compare that to the horchata by element. 
Is it good? How is it compared to other horchata flavors by other brands such as Haze ? 
 Horchata by element is a very unique horchata. 
Its ingredients are very noticeable in smell and in taste. The cinnamon, the vanilla , the rice. It's all there. It is extremely enjoyable and one of the best mixers. 
It lacks a bit of milkiness compared to the actual drink, but its unique taste can be combined with any sweet or savory flavors and create an amazing mix. 


Overall element air has left us speechless.
We will  break it down:
 Presentation: the boxing, bagging and sealing of the containers are top quality and very presentable 
 Cut: You haven't seen a cut like this. Not one single stem has appeared in all 12 containers of flavors we have opened. 


 Flavor variety: it feels like you're going around the world and picking unique desserts, fruits or flavors that certain  places are known for. 
 Performance: we recommend a semi fluff, up to a normal pack for element air for maximum performance. And that's a 2.5-hour+ mark. 
 Taste: Overall the whole air line is a very 'smooth' experience. No overpowering flavors or anything that will kill your mix in the bowl. (Maybe that's why it's called air?
 To end this article, the answer to your question is yes. We would totally recommend Horchata by element air and any flavor they have released in the US. You will not be disappointed in any aspect! 
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