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Amotion Roam Hookah Kit

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The Amotion Roam is the perfect hookah for on the go: whether at the beach, in the park or while camping: The Roam accompanies you in every situation and brings you the optimal enjoyment of a hookah.

The Roam also survives dirt and other influences undamaged, because durability in the outdoor area has absolute priority for travel hookah. The soft-touch surface is easy to clean and fights any kind of dirt. So, you don't have to worry about where you use your Roam.

In addition to its high resistance, it is also a fully-fledged hookah that offers everything it needs.
A breathtaking blowoff and optimal smoking properties are included.

Scope of delivery:

  • Amotion Roam 
  • Head gasket in secondary color
  • Hose connection
  • Head adapter
  • Dip tube with splash guard
  • Lid for sealing shisha with magnetic lock
  • Second lid for blowoff
  • Amotion Roam Add on Kit 
    • Amotion Hose 
    • Amotion Mouthpiece 
    • Amotion Travel Bag

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Customer Reviews

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Tiffany Odom
Beautiful and compact

I love using my hookah.

Overall - Really Nice Travel Hookah with a few Quirks

I recently got this Hookah as a gift after I saw the review by MoaSmokes. Overall, I really like this model, though it does have a few minor quirks that I would love to see fixed in the next version.

First, the positives. Its relatively light enough to travel with but it has enough weight and a wide enough stance to be relatively secure on a table. It has one of the nicest purges I've seen in a portable hookah. The smoke sort of emanates out from between the magnetic lid and the body of the hookah. Using this hookah for the past month, it provides relatively big clouds for such a small package. I also have the Aeon Vyro One V2 and the purge of the Amotion Roam is much more interesting and should turn heads at among friends or onlookers. If you get the travel package, you get a nice travel bag, color matched hose and color matched bowl grommet. There is also a spike that you can pick up as an accessory that can screw into the bottom so you can stick it into the sand or dirt and I'm planning on picking it up.

Now the negatives.

First - because you can't see through the base, and there is no indicator for ideal water level, you have to sort of guess every time and adjust accordingly. This can present an issue that if you have even a little bit too much water in the base, the gurgles will cause the water to splash into the blow off slit and water will end up in your hose, which you can empty from time to time. This is especially true if the hookah is at the same level on a table. Second, I wish that the hose was magnetized so it easily locks into place. I've had a few times that it was for some reason, a bit hard to get the hose to be correctly seated in the hose port. It could be that if the O-rings on the end of the hose are not fully seated in place and if you push them in, may fix that problem.

Overall - its a still a really nice Hookah if you can get over these quirks.

Erick C
Great desk hookah

Using as a desk hookah and this thing is top notch. Very heavy and good build quality.


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