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Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Hook It Up Tobacco- Classic

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Hook It Up 250g Classic tobacco has just hit our market, and it is fully customizable. The smell of the hookah is amazing and it has a medium cut leaf. Hook It Up tobacco will knock your socks off with the different amount of flavors you can mix into your bowl. The buddies it comes with are highly concentrated little packets that you can mix into the main flavor you pick. Its packaging has a one of a kind look which you can display proudly. Look at the list below so you can see the flavor list and buddies that will come inside your order. 


  • Lemon Buddies-  2 x Mint, 2x Ocean Breeze,2x Gum Mint, 2 Kiwi
  • Orange Buddies- 2x Kiwi, 2x Mint, 2x White Peach, 2x Cinnamon
  • Polar Bear Buddies- 1x Watermelon, 1x White Peach, 1x Orange, 1x Cinnamon
  • Sultan's Chai Buddies- 2x Polar Bear, 2x Ocean Breeze, 2x Watermelon, 2x Mint
  • Tangerine Buddies- 2x Blueberry, 2x Lemon, 2x White Peach, 2x Mint
  • Watermelon Buddies- 2x White Peach, 2x Blackberry, 2x Mint, 2x Guava
  • White Grape Buddies- 2x Kiwi, 2x White Peach, 2x Mint, 2x Cinnamon
  • White Peach Buddies- 2x Polar Bear, 2x Ocean Breeze, 2x Watermelon, 2x Mint



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