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Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Khaleej Tobacco 250g

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Khaleej Is a proud maker of shisha that operates out of the United Arab Emirates. The smooth smoke from their product is sublime.  

We are passionate Shisha Molasses producers in the Middle East.
Our range of products are made from the finest tobacco, and are complemented by exquisite flavors to create richness, unforgettable and satisfying shisha experience. We are truly proud to bring quality, innovative products to the global market.


Our Vision is to be recognized globally by our consumers as the leading stupplier of specialized, and innovative shisha molasses products that provides superior quality, service, and values for Legal Age Smokers.


Our mission is to conduct business across the world by inspiring our customers through innovation, quality and value.
Our philosophy is offering an equitable share of profits for our trading partners and ensuring value for money to the product end user.


We are truly proud to bring quality, innovative products to the global market,
We set ourselves high standards when it comes to our research and development applying for the sake of the quality.

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Khaleej Tobacco 250g