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Al-Waha 200g

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Al Waha was established in 1972. Located in Zarka, 

Since its inception, Al Waha products have constantly raised the bar a little higher each time, updating its manufacturing system and mechanized equipment to maintain state of the art production standards and to continue sustaining leadership in its field of expertise and proficiency.

Alwaha flavors include some of they newest release such as , Trex, Big boy, Tornado, Friday 13, Dirty 30, and many more. Their blond leaf flavors are nothing but amazing. You will not be disappointed. 


After Nine (Chocolate Mint),

Amor (Peach Chill With Ice),

Arctic Blueberry (Cool Blueberry),

Arctic Cherry (Cool Cherry),

Arctic Melon (Cool Honeydew and Juicy Watermelon Mix),

Arctic Peach (Cool Peach),

Big Boy (Watermelon Chill),

Blueberry Banana,

Blueberry Guava,

Blue Lion (Watermelon Chill with Blueberry and Ice)

Cali Twist (Cherry, Pineapple, Orange Mix)

Casper (Lemon Chill)

Chai Latte

Cinnamon Gum

Dirty Thirty (Blackberry With Strong Mint)

Dolar (Iced Cola With Raspberry,Cherry and Grape)

Double Apple (Two Apple)

Friday 13 (Peach Vanilla Ice)


Gum Mint

Hot N Cold (Cool Menthol Blueberry Mix)

Ice Cream (Neapolitan Style)

I Love 66 (Ice Melon Chill With Marcuga)

Icy Mango Tango (Mango, Mint, and Menthol)

Lemon Mint

Libella Swing (Sweet Orange, Pink Guava,Mint Leaves Mix),

Magic Touch (Mint, Lime, Blueberry Mix)

Mango Lemonade

Melon (Honeydew)

Melon Berry (honeydew and blueberry)


Nevada (Cucumber Chill)

One Day (Lime, Mint, Creamy Chocolate)

Orange, Orange Mint

Pan Rasna (Floral, Clove, and Other Indian Spices)

Sodala (Grape Chill With Ice)

Summer Air (Lemon, Passion Fruit Mix), Sweet Shock (Watermelon, Passion Fruit Mix), Tornado (Strong Spearmint), Trex (Ginger Chill), Watermelon

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Al-Waha 200g


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