WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Darkside Tobacco 200g

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Product Type: Shisha

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Darkside tobacco is produced in Russia, and raw materials for it are purchased in different regions. Flavors are supplied from Germany. Judging by the taste, manufacturers select really good components and do not skimp on them. This is boiled tobacco, so it has good heat resistance, so there is no need to worry about accidentally burning it. It also gives off thick aromatic smoke well when smoking. And it keeps the taste for a long time, so you can take your time and enjoy the process.



 Admiral Acabar Cereal -

Creamy flavor of sweet oatmeal and berries 



Bright and intense flavor of ripe, sweet Bananas 


Barvy Orange -

Bright Summer flavor of refreshing orange juice 


Bounty Hunter -

Delicate, slightly creamy flavor of tropical coconut.


Glitch Iced Tea- 

Refreshing peach iced tea 


Green Mojito-

Fresh citrus cocktail with a hint of alcohol


Grape Core-

Rich flavor of ripe grape pulp


Guava Rebel- 

Intense flavor of juicy guava pulp with a slightly tart undertone


Dark Ice Cream-

Smooth flavor of creamy chocolate chip ice cream 


Darkside Cola-

Invigorating, refreshing cola flavor with a lemon wedge. 


Dark Mint-

Intense refreshing flavor of sweet peppermint


Desert Eagle-

Sweet cactus fruit with a tart aftertaste 


Kalee Grapefruit-

Bright citrus aroma of sweet and sour grapefruit


Killer Milk- 

Rich, sweet, creamy, flavor of condensed milk. 


Lemon Blast-

Refreshing, tangy flavor of ripe lemon with slight bitterness. 


Mango Lassi- 

Sweet flavor of Mango pulp milkshake


Pineapple Pulse- 

Sweet pineapple flavor with slight tangy aftertaste



Intense refreshing pear lemonade


Cyber Kiwi -

Sweet Smoothie made of ripe sweet Kiwi with tangy notes. 



Breathtaking Menthol Chill


Honey Dust-

Sweet natural floral honey flavor with a tart undertone


Red Tea- 

Spicy flavor of strong hibiscus tea 


Red Alert-

Juicy Watermelon flesh with hints of honeydew in a refreshing drink


Space Jam- 

Sweet and tart strawberries in sweet syrup. 


Space Lychee- 

Exotic flavor of delicate Chinese lychee pulp. 

Generis Raspberry-

Sweet flavor of delicate sweet raspberries 



fresh pine flavor with a slight bitterness of the Earth. 


Basil Blast- 

Fresh flavor of fragrant green basil. 


Falling Star-

A cocktail made of refreshing mango and sweet passion fruit.


Wild Forest- 

Rich strawberries in a juicy forest berry cocktail


Waffle Shuffle-

Crispy lemon waffle cookies with a creamy touch. 


Cherry Rocks-

intense cherry candy flavor with a pronounced sour aftertaste. 






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Yigit Seven

I didn’t like it


Darkside Tobacco 200g

jamee weber
Very nice

The smell is amazing! The flavor lasts almost 2 hours. It's a little strong. There's a small hint of a chemical taste. I was impressed with the quality overall.

Asia R
Great flavor

Great flavor and long lasting, only downside is doesn’t seem to be a lot more in the 200g than the 100g. You would assume it’s double but it appears a less than double, but I could be wrong I did not weigh it or anything. Could be due to oversized packaging. Still would recommend

Nick Martin
Amazing flavor

Amazing flavor especially for mixes, current mix dark side guava with banger champagne rose and eclipse mint 🔥