WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
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Dschinni Black Widow

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Product Type: glass hookah

Product Vendor: Dschinni

Product Details

For all shisha lovers who are looking for a very special design with high quality, the Jinni Black Widow Red Shisha is a real eye-catcher!

 It offers the perfect shisha for special occasions due to its design. Both private and for events. Her imposing appearance attracts everyone's attention.

The upper segment of the Black Widow with its hose connections and dip tube is very elaborately blown by hand. It is also the heart of the entire hookah. The armored cuts are very noble and elaborate incorporated into the material and makes the hookah visually coherent. It provides optimal protection of the weak points of a glass hookah. 

In addition, it looks visually of course also impressive. Supplied with two dip tubes, which can be used depending on what is preferred. One of the dip tubes has a solid head with an inlet for the glass strainer and flush with the top of the flange and a Kaloud top or similar systems. Since no heads survive and the arched shape is impaired, this variant is most consistent. 

The second dip tube is delivered in the standard version and offers with a plate and the conventional head gasket the possibility for all normal heads on the market. 

Both segments of the shisha, due to their generous size, offer the optimal conditions for decoration and other beautification measures. Especially in the gastronomy sector, ie hookah bars, such types of hookah are very popular and attract attention of course for special occasions or guests.

The shisha's frame has three legs that are each 120 degrees apart, providing the best geometric fit. The shape and design of the legs are futuristically similar to a black spider. In the interior of the frame a Zwischennut is attached to which you can also attach LED strips if necessary.

This shisha comes in separate parts and must be screwed together with the tool from the box.

This hookah is for all who are looking for something unique and extraordinary.


Box Includes

1x metal frame, 1x bowl, 2x dip tubes with diffuser, 1x hose adapter, 2x check valves, 1x plate adapter, 1x glass carbonated plate, 1x metal carbon plate, 1x silicone head gasket, 1x hose holder

Complete Box: Includes also 1 hose and a handle

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