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Element V-Line 200g

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Element V-Line is not just ready-made mixes created on the basis of 4 lines of the Element tobacco fortress.

The new line is the quintessence of the four elements.

Like every phenomenon,
each taste is unique and represents a set of several elements of different fortress in one mix.


Variable fortress

The fortress is regulated through the use of Burley tobacco of different geographical origins - liquid nicotine is not used for this purpose. The FIRE line uses cigar tobacco.
Only high-quality European flavors are used in the creation of Element, many of which are developed exclusively for our brand.


The familiar refreshing taste of Baikal lemonade combined with elderberry and a citrusy hint of lemon will move you to a cool pine forest and give you the sensation of walking in the rain.

Tropic Monsoon

Like tropical monsoon, this unique cocktail of watermelon, maraquya, peach and lemon will bring you long-awaited refreshment even during the hottest day.


The tropical storm of citrus with a banana note, leaving delicate alcoholic aftertaste.

Yummy Tsunami

Incredible tsunami of dessert sweetness and freshness of exotic fruit with light creaminess and pine aftertaste.

Raspberry Desert

Raspberry-walnut biscuit with a grassy note like a cool oasis in a hot desert.


Delicate Belgian waffles intertwined with the delicate taste of banana daiquiri and sweetness of mint grapes.

Fruit Flood

Fruit Flood. A refreshing pineapple cocktail with sweetness of dates and pears combined with light basil aftertaste.

Berry Breeze

Feel the refreshing breeze of sweet raspberries and juicy citrus with a touch of currant sourness.

Passion Valley

An exhilarating mixture of fruit and berries in harmony with refreshing cucumber lemonade.

Jungle Juice

Bursting tropical fruit juice will move you to the wild jungle.

Green Soda

Cool cucumber lemonade with tart elderberries and sweet dates will put you in the summer mood at any time of year!

Crazy Fog

Immerse yourself in a wraparound fog of watermelon and strawberry sweetness, with slight tartness of elderberry.


Sweet typhoon of juicy pineapple, papaya and mango slices with delicate condensed milk.

Grenade Sunset

Taste the sunset. Ripe strawberries, tart garnet and honeyed peach combined with pine notes wraping around like warm rays of the setting sun.


Immerse yourself in the maelstrom of your innermost dreams. Fruity sweetness with light tartness of elderberry and coolness of garnet holls will open up a whirlpool of wishes.

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Anastasiia Portnova

Good quality

Saad Khan

Element V-Line 200g

Calvin Bass

The flavors were spot on

Denis Zverev

Element V-Line 200g

Salvador Anderson
Smooth hits and great flavor

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