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Hoob Atom Hookahs

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Hoob Atom

One of the most revolutionary hookahs ever made. The modern minimalistic design and compact size of this hookah make it unique and widely used. A hookah for those who want some new hookah experience.

Hoob Magnetic Lock system allows fast and comfortable prepare of hookah. No more grommets needed, just start to connect parts and they will fix well.

You can use any hookah bowl or silicone hookah hose with it.

Thanks to the wide opening of the base, you can easily make fruit filling or cocktail to surprise your friends or guests.

The Hoob Atom hookah is the epitome of design and practicality. Demonstrating unsurpassed craftsmanship, we set new standards for comfort and style in the hookah industry. Hoob Atom is an excellent hookah for both professional and home use.

Eco-system for pleasure

Like all Hoob hookahs, the Atom version is equipped with a wide range of features, offered as both mandatory and optional features.

Diffuser airflow is an integral attribute of the entire line of Atom hookahs. Thanks to the precision tooling and calculations of our engineers, the diffuser adds elasticity to the airflow, reducing vibration and noise. Don't forget to enhance your individuality with branded accessories: molasses catchers, bowls for hookah mixture, charcoal screens, tongs, forks and much more you can optionally add.

Travel in a modern way

A trip with a Hoob Atom hookah will pleasantly surprise you. Compact design with the ability to place some of the accessories inside the shockproof base. A complete package with a comfortable handle and a specially designed lodgment will help you deliver a hookah anywhere in the world with maximum convenience. The lodgment has compartments for all the accessories necessary for your hookah, secure fixation is provided.

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