WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Kaloud Samsaris Lapis Ceramic for Lotus II

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We lovingly present Kaloud’s newest product, the Kaloud Samsaris Lapis®, our evolutionary contribution to Hookahs worldwide.  This bowl is a Silicone Extremely High-Grade Ceramic Hybrid Hookah Bowl.


Features & Benefits:

  • It's super durable and easy to clean!
  • As always, it fits perfectly with the Kaloud Lotus II so it’s secure and difficult to knock off.
  • The silicone and the Kaloud Lotus® never touch, which means even more flavor and even better heat flow.
  • Individual flavor chambers allow for unique heating and perfect Shisha measurement every time.
  • Central Air Channel allows for more juice (flavor) to stay in the flavor chamber and, more importantly, your puffs.
  • It’s made from FDA approved non-toxic silicone so it’s safe to use, it won’t break if dropped, and can be handled during your session.
  • The bowl is made of extremely high-grade Ceramic.
  • Super easy to pack and easy to clean.
  • Much cleaner, more flavorful puffs.
  • No grommet necessary with most Hookah Stems.
  • You will never experience your sessions in the same way, ever.

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