WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Mexanika Smoke Cyber Green (Limited Edition) Hookah

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Product Type: Hookah

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Limited novelty of 2023 hookah model CYBER!

Mexanika Smoke – Cyber is the third generation of Mexanika Smoke hookahs. In this generation, we are shifting towards more technologically advanced and more expensive devices.

  • A simplified version of the assembly - the design features of the hookah forced users to assemble the hookah in a strict sequence. The third generation of hookahs can be assembled in a free sequence.
  • Magnetic connector on the hose. For a long time, we resisted the idea of magnets because they are susceptible to corrosion. However, we found a solution to "secure" the magnet as much as possible and implemented this idea in the new model range.
  • Saucer on lapping. The process of smoking is not complete without washing the hookah. It is important for us to save the user from unnecessary hassle - so now you can disassemble the hookah in a couple of simple steps.
  • Silent purging. We couldn't imagine the life of our hookah without a characteristic "whistle" like a steam locomotive, but public opinion won and in the third generation we made a silent blowdown.


Distinctive features of this model:


  • 100% stainless steel, with a granite design 
  • Dismountable diffuser for changing from a classic blow to effortlessly blow (open draw)
  • The stem is fully collapsible with threaded connections
  • Completed with stainless steel mouthpiece ( silicone sold separately) 
  • Comes with Stem, Tray, Base & Hose Handle 





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