WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.



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Product Type: heat management

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The HMD is made of aluminum and offers optimal properties and excellent performance.
Here is an overview of all advantages and Features:

  • The ONMO HMD is made entirely of aluminum
  • Fit size for two coals up to 27mm size.
  • The upper edge gives safety when you put more coals on edge
  • The feel and look give a high-quality feel
  • The beam on the floor gives you the possibility for any setups: distance, full contact or even "beam contact" setups are possible with it
  • The diamond profile inside the HMD provides enough space for optimal airflow even underneath the coals, so that going out of the coals can be avoided as far as possible.

Diameter bottom: 7.5cm
Diameter top edge: 6.6cm
Height with knobs: 3cm
opening: 5,5cm

Note: Please do not preheat the smokebox on a charcoal lighter or similar.
Discoloration can result from improper use.
Allow the smokebox to cool down before rinsing it in e.g. water.

Product Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Halil Tozar
Best HMD for non phunnel bowls

I use ONMO HMD for dark leaf tobacco in non phunnels and they work perfectly

Billy Rodriguez
Smooth clouds

I love this hmd. Works with all of my bowls and the heat is just perfect for a longer session.