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Moze Varity Squad Hookah

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Moze Varity – Diverse, individual, unique. Discover a world without compromise.

The wait is over. After a long development period, we are very pleased to introduce you to our latest model: The Moze Varity


At Moze, we know what it means to combine pleasant smoking behavior with uncompromising individualization. Our latest model allows you to choose between one of 96 different options and to expand and customize your hookah as you wish.
Discover a world without compromise and adapt your shisha to your needs. Whether small or large, screw or plug-in bowl, short or long sleeve and much more – with the Moze Varity the world is open to you.
Make the Varity YOUR Varity.


Discover the advantages:

  • Diversifiable: The Moze Varity covers a wide range of models in a wide variety of designs.
  • Customizable: Never before has the possibility of individualizing your hookah been as great as it is now. The Varity makes it possible to individualize almost every component and to change your smoking experience every time anew.
  • Alterable: Immersion tube, smoke column and stainless-steel sleeve can be adjusted in height. The Wavy sleeves are also available in short or long versions. This allows you to adjust your Varity not only in height, but also to your bowl. As a small special feature: The Wavy sleeves of the Breeze Two can also be combined with the Varity!
  • Detachable Diffuser: The diffuser of the Moze Varity is removable and can be screwed on both sides. This allows you to easily decide whether you want to hear quiet or loud noises while smoking. If you opt for the loud bubbling of the pipe, we recommend that you screw the diffuser with the holes towards the base so that you do not lay it.
  • Lasered Plates: The carbon plates of the Moze Varity are lasered and differ from conventional ones.
  • +LINE Products: Under the +LINE you will find all products to expand your Varity. Sleeves for hose connections, plug-in bowl adapters, matching mouthpieces or coasters – here you will find everything you can imagine for your Varity.
  • One Hookah – Seven Different Blowoff Variants: The Varity has seven different blowoff variants.

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