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Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Nirvana Super Shisha 100g Pouch

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Nirvana Super Shisha Tobacco is hookah tobacco mixed with dokha, strong Arabic tobacco. Dokha has heavier levels of nicotine than regular shisha, which is why Nirvana is called "super shisha!"


Ants in my head- Cranberry, mint

Apple explosion- Double apple

Berry blast- Raspberry, blackberry

Bugly Fitch- Honey, vanilla, cinnamon

Bunny of death- Mint, cream,vanilla

Citrus OD- Lemon, Berry

Cold Sweat- Orange, Lemon

Con.Ecc. Creates Elec- Rasp. blackberry, chocolate

Deep sea dentist- Icy mint. passionfruit

Drunk Cowboy- Mint ice, spearmint

Eternal passion fruit- Passion fruit

Frog in a blender- Earl grey, bergamot

Frank the tank- orange, grapefruit

Headrush- Tropical mix

Icy bon bon- Peppermint

It's so slimy- Redbull

Icy mang tang- Tangerine, mango, mint

Its about to get weird- Spearmint, wintergreen, mint

Its kinda small Gabe- Caramel, coconut, vanilla

Lematrix get loaded- Lime, lemon, mint

Lemon beach party- Lemon

My medwakh wants to kill you- Orange soda

Not now im naked- grape mint

Not waving, drowning- Mango, lemon, mint

Optimus lime- Lime, lemon, sour apple

Pack of hungry freaks- Mint, cinnamon, gum

Paula's enormous mouth- Caramel, cream, honey

Poultry in motion- Mango, peach

Primal pineapple- Pineapple

Punish mint- Spearmint, mint

Raspberried alive- Raspberry, passionfruit, honey

Redneck Robert- Cinnamon, cream, mint

Redrum- Strawberry

Salty slug- Peppermint, strawberry

Schnozzberry- Blueberry, lemon, mint

Screaming Pineapple- Pineapple, mint

Sex monkey-Melon, blueberry, jasmine, mint

Skull control- Peach, lemon, mint

Smokin dead- Cherry, cranberry, vanilla

Spaceman bill- Orange, pineapple, mint

Spirit mind soul- Cantaloupe, honey dew, peach

Strawbarry- Strawberry, lemon

Stuffin the muffin- Cherry, peach, gum

Telephone milk- Cream. vanilla

That snake hat guy- lemon, mint

The Mayans had heart- Blueberry

Toad people of the B.F- Cola

Velvet Elvis on the wall- Lemon, kiwi

Warphine- Cinnamon, vanilla, banana

Weapons grade mint- Icy mint

Western uncivilization- Grapefruit, honey, cinnamon

White boy grape- Mixed Grape 

Who's face is this? White mint





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