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Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Nirvana Super Shisha 100g Pouch

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Nirvana Super Shisha Tobacco is hookah tobacco mixed with dokha, a strong Arabic tobacco. Dokha has heavier levels of nicotine than regular shisha, which is why Nirvana is called "super shisha”


Ants in my head- Cranberry, mint

Apple explosion- Double apple

Berry blast- Raspberry, blackberry

Bugly Fitch- Honey, vanilla, cinnamon

Bunny of death- Mint, cream,vanilla

Citrus OD- Lemon, Berry

Cold Sweat- Orange, Lemon

Con.Ecc. Creates Elec- Rasp. blackberry, chocolate

Deep sea dentist- Icy mint. passionfruit

Drunk Cowboy- Mint ice, spearmint

Eternal passion fruit- Passion fruit

Frog in a blender- Earl grey, bergamot

Frank the tank- orange, grapefruit

Headrush- Tropical mix

Icy bon bon- Peppermint

It's so slimy- Redbull

Icy mang tang- Tangerine, mango, mint

Its about to get weird- Spearmint, wintergreen, mint

Its kinda small Gabe- Caramel, coconut, vanilla

Lematrix get loaded- Lime, lemon, mint

Lemon beach party- Lemon

My medwakh wants to kill you- Orange soda

Not now im naked- grape mint

Not waving, drowning- Mango, lemon, mint

Optimus lime- Lime, lemon, sour apple

Pack of hungry freaks- Mint, cinnamon, gum

Paula's enormous mouth- Caramel, cream, honey

Poultry in motion- Mango, peach

Primal pineapple- Pineapple

Punish mint- Spearmint, mint

Raspberried alive- Raspberry, passionfruit, honey

Redneck Robert- Cinnamon, cream, mint

Redrum- Strawberry

Salty slug- Peppermint, strawberry

Schnozzberry- Blueberry, lemon, mint

Screaming Pineapple- Pineapple, mint

Sex monkey-Melon, blueberry, jasmine, mint

Skull control- Peach, lemon, mint

Smokin dead- Cherry, cranberry, vanilla

Spaceman bill- Orange, pineapple, mint

Spirit mind soul- Cantaloupe, honey dew, peach

Strawbarry- Strawberry, lemon

Stuffin the muffin- Cherry, peach, gum

Telephone milk- Cream. vanilla

That snake hat guy- lemon, mint

The Mayans had heart- Blueberry

Toad people of the B.F- Cola

Velvet Elvis on the wall- Lemon, kiwi

Warphine- Cinnamon, vanilla, banana

Weapons grade mint- Icy mint

Western uncivilization- Grapefruit, honey, cinnamon

White boy grape- Mixed Grape 

Who's face is this? White mint





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