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Toaster Charcoal Starter

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Charcoal Starter.

Toaster charcoal burner actually designed for the rigorous abuse of hookah coal. Whether your shisha charcoal lighting needs are efficiency, speed, portability, or durability. It was developed for the functional needs of daily hookah charcoal ignition and proves to be the essential accessory to every hookah set up. Which hookah coal do you prefer? Hookah table coal? - lickety split! Natural wood hookah coals? - prompt! Coconut hookah coals?- easy! 

Features & details

  • Best Hookah Coal Burner
  • Average charcoal making time is 7 minutes.Comes with security switch.
  • You do not need to flip the charcoals. It has resistants on 3 sides so it will make all sides ready in minutes.
  • Cable length is 47 inch.
  • You can use it with grill or without so it can make the coals ready faster.

Product Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Ed Ostling
Surprisingly effective low coal count burner

1) switch instead of dial is a nice feature, less potential failure points is always a bonus
2) heats on 3 sides of the coal, which so far seems effective compared to hotplate burners. Typical pair of coconut coals lighting takes about 8 minutes with 30sec flip for me with this burner.
3) easily replaceable cord in case you live with cord destroying creatures

Elner Lopez
Wish I could give it 5 star rating BUT

I’ve been using it about a week and a half. So far the black painted finish is flaking off, the outer frame is warping toward the heating element, and one side of the heating element no longer heats up. I used to be able to heat up 4 coals now 2-3.

Hopefully 5star or the company reaches out to for a resolution.

Mahesh Sookra
OTTOMAN for the Win

Heats up coals way faster than a burner. Love that large cubes can also fit inside.