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Elmas Shipwreck Brass Hookah 638

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Elmas Nargile is a trademark, which has been known and sought by water pipe fans and collectors from 1972 until now. You can come across Elmas Nargile at cafes, traditional Turkish cafes and hotels all over our country. Turkiye. More and more water pipe fans and collectors have sought for Elmas Nargile in the past few years.

*There is Ottoman figures on their Nargile.

*They are produced by an exact fidelity to the classical methods.

*They are processed one by one by implementing traditional handcrafts and tedious handwork.

*They use high-quality materials for the parts of their Nargile; ranging from the bottle (processing with hand craft), ser (main piece, body of Nargile), marpuç (flexible tube), mouthpiece, kalpak (upper piece protect for wind) and tabla (mid piece for coal).

*Their workers produce water pipe parts attentively.

  • 38" Elmas
  • 100% Authentic Hose 93" Colors May Vary 
  • 100% Authentic Elmas Vase (Jumbo Turkish Crystal)
  • 9" Brass Tray
  • Clay Male Bowl
  • Brass Tongs 

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