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Starbuzz Classic Tobacco 1000g

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Product Type: Shisha

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Product: Starbuzz Classic Shisha Tobacco
Size: 1000g Tin

Dive into a world where tradition meets innovation with Starbuzz Classic, our latest offering in the realm of premium shisha tobacco. This 1000g tin is not just a product; it's a celebration of flavors, a tribute to the classics, and a journey into a reimagined experience.

What's New?
Starbuzz Classic takes the beloved original flavors that have been the cornerstone of many hookah sessions and elevates them with a modern twist. We've kept the essence of what made these flavors timeless and infused them with contemporary notes to bring you a truly unique smoking experience.

Flavor Profile:
The Starbuzz Classic range is a carefully curated selection of flavors, each promising a distinct and memorable smoke. From the sweet whispers of exotic fruits to the rich embrace of classic spices, every puff is a harmonious blend of the past and the present.

Craftsmanship and Quality:
Crafted with the finest tobacco leaves, Starbuzz Classic maintains the brand's commitment to quality. Each batch is meticulously blended and tested to ensure the perfect balance of flavor and smoothness.

Ideal for Every Occasion:
Whether you're hosting a gathering with friends, unwinding after a long day, or simply indulging in a moment of solitude, Starbuzz Classic is your perfect companion. Its versatile flavor profile caters to both traditional and adventurous palates.

Housed in a sleek and sturdy 1000g tin, Starbuzz Classic is not only a treat for the senses but also a visually appealing addition to your shisha collection. The tin ensures freshness, allowing each session to be as flavorful as the first.

Rediscover the classics and embark on a new adventure with Starbuzz Classic – where every smoke is a story waiting to be told.

Blueberry Mint: A refreshing symphony of sweet, succulent blueberries and a whisper of cool mint. Each draw melds these two timeless flavors into a blissful escape, inviting you to a serene, flavor-filled haven.

Double Apple: The quintessential classic, Double Apple, dances on the palate with a blend of crisp red and tangy green apples, finished with a hint of anise. This flavor is the heart of traditional hookah lore.

Grape Mint: Grape Mint delivers a juicy grape essence perfectly paired with a frosty mint undertone. A balance of fruity and fresh that's simply irresistible.

Gum Mint: Chew on nostalgia with Gum Mint's comforting fusion of sweet, spearmint-infused bubblegum. It's a playful, invigorating flavor that rejuvenates the senses and revives the spirit.

Hot 69: A bold, spicy twist on the shisha experience. Hot 69 is an exotic blend that tingles the senses with its hot, sweet, and spicy undertones, perfect for those who dare to be adventurous.

Ice Watermelon: Dive into a cool, juicy slice of summer with Ice Watermelon. This flavor combines the fresh taste of ripe watermelon with an icy chill, offering a refreshing retreat with every puff.

Lemon Mint: Zesty lemon meets a burst of mint in this invigorating blend. Lemon Mint is a citrusy delight that cleanses the palate and enlivens your hookah tradition with its tangy, cool finish.

Mint: The classic Mint is a pure, unadulterated rush of crisp, cool freshness. It's a timeless staple, perfect for cleansing the palate or enhancing any hookah mixing adventure.

Orange Mint: Peel into zesty sunshine with Orange Mint's sweet, citrusy notes and a bracing minty backdrop. It's like a refreshing sip of an icy orangeade on a hot day.

Tropical Rush: Embark on an exotic getaway with Tropical Rush, a vibrant mélange of tropical fruits kissed by a cool mint breeze. It's an island vacation in every puff.

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