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Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Starbuzz Serpent 100g

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Product Type: Shisha

Product Vendor: Starbuzz

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With interesting names and some fun packaging, the Serpent line by Starbuzz is the new kettle cured shisha on the block, with unique flavors to their Serpent line only, you've gotta give some a try to figure out how it is...or wait till a weekend and hope to get it in a mystery bag.

After Burner: Banana,Coconut twist with mint

Cobra Khan - Blueberry flavor with mint

Crimson Fox - Flavors of peach and berries

Bohemian - Gum Flavor

Crow - Lemon Mint

Gee Spot -Vanilla with a touch of cinnamon

Kings Tea - Earl Grey

Mad Dog - Citrusy flavors with mint 

Lioness - Strawberry Cream

Megawatt - Lemonade

Rogue - Honeydew

New Amsterdam - Creamy Orange

Shishi - Floral notes

Skull -Licorice taste

Sting Mint - Name speaks for itself

Teabet - Cup Of Tea

Kathmandu - Pretty much berries

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