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The 5star Box

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So going into 2018 we decided to launch the 5 Star Box, the newest we have to offer and first we know of in the industry. Similar to how our mystery bags work but on a much larger scale and with greater products, based on a monthly subscription able to be cancelled at any time. With varying prices that lead to different subscriptions we offer which you'll see below:

3 Star - above the mystery bag, this 3 star box comes at a cost of $50 on the month, this box will come with at least 5 items and they'll range all across the board.

4 Star - right above the 3 star box and for $75 per month, you'll get a bigger box with more items in it, and exclusives that don't come with the 3 star.

5star - and of course to tie in with our name, the 5 star box at $100 per month, this is the mother load, you'll receive the most items in this box, in addition to having more items it'll also have it's own exclusives that don't come in other boxes.

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Jacob Cross
3 Star Box, 5 Star Purchase!

The 3 Star box from 5 Star is LEGIT! If you like to try new shisha and want a few goodies I say go with this, let the pro’s pack the box and you enjoy the surprises !


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