WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Urb Bowl- Pyra

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Product Type: Hookah Bowls

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The Pyra does not disappoint! Standing tall and thick, the Pyra bowl is heat resistant and smokes like a champion. The Urb hookah Bowls are unique and each is handmade, giving each a custom feel. 


UrbBowls Pyra Hookah Bowls

Height = 4 1/8 inch
Weight Empty = 317 gr
Weight Dark = 340.50 gr
Weight Blonde = 330 gr
Style = Funnel
Charcoals = Preferred Flats, Cubes, Natural, and Mini’s.
HMD Compatible = Yes
Provost Compatible = Yes
Heat Retention = High
Suggested Tobacco = Blonde & Dark

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Ahmed Ahmed

As far as aesthetics, this is a beautiful bowl that is designed very well. The ridges on the side of the bowl allow for an airtight foil. As far as performance, I would put this bowl up there with the Alpaca Mini Rook, if not better. Love this bowl!