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Zomo World Line 50g

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COPACABANA BEACH - The passion-fruit flavor represents this unique city. Enjoy this postcard and find the beauties of this wonderful city. The Flavors of Brazil line is made for all Brazilian, with flavors of tropical fruits, to enjoy the best of the country.

BLUE CARIBBEAN  The unique guava flavor with a lemon hint. The mix of tropical fruits make Blue Caribbean transport us to the beach, enjoying summer. Try the sensation of freshness in this shisha tobacco that is ideal to consume in the hottest days of the year. Let yourself carried to the Caribbean in every hookah session. A journey around the world is what you expect tasting our flavors. The World Experience Line brings tastes from all over the world directly to your bowl.                           

COLORI DELLA SICILIA - Sicily is known as one of the most impressive regions in Italy. A unique cinnamon flavor with an incredible touch of Sicilian lemon. Let yourself go with the vivid colors and vibrant flavors that make up this place. Colori Della Sicilia will surprise you.                                               

DRAGON WALL - A flavor that traveled the Empire in all its greatness, to prove that every dragon has its taste. A rare combination of apricots, plums and peaches with a touch of mint. Try #MY DRAGON WALL and feel great.                                                                                                                                                                  

HAVANA STYLE - Enjoy the enchantments of this city full of tales. The wonderful flavor of a Mojito drink. This flavor will make you know the music, the life and the identity of that incredible place. Know all the rhythm and experience a new style. Try the seductive taste of Havana Style                   

IBIZA SENSATION The unbelievable combination of orange, blueberry and pineapple. A fantastic night in a place that is considered the greatest sensation in Europe. Experience the seduction of Ibiza Sensations and let yourself be carried away by the fun.                                                             

MIAMI NIGHT - Desire a different night? Miami Nights carries you to a memorable night. An amazing orange-mango drink. World Experience line presents the real feeling of the nightlife in this city.                                                                                                                                

MOUNT FUJI - The magnificence of this place that carries the power of a thousand warriors. The unique taste of cinnamon with a sweet touch. Mount Fuji has arrived to reach the summit of your strength, in a brand-new taste. The attire that was missing in your daily life.                               

MYSTERY OF BALI The sensational combination of apricot and plums with mint ice cream.Feel the synchronicity of this place and experience living moments of peace. Get to know Mystery of Bali and discover its stories.                                                                                                                                       SECRETES OF BABYLON - The taste of fruits of this region are full of secrets. The incredible combination of melon and watermelon. A refreshing taste which will tell you stories in its intense flavor.                                                                                                                             

SWISS ALPS  The World Experience line presents to lovers of good shisha tobacco, Swiss Alps flavor. The cold sensation of the Swiss Alps on your bowl. An amazing refreshing mint flavor with a touch of gum, caramel and vanilla. Try this new taste and have a unique experience.


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